And then January 2015 came

Time flies and then it hits January, as according to Mr Jones the banks do not work during holidays and Xmas period especially in South America and they are particularly slow when it comes to holiday seasons.

Since he mention that to us previously when we met him in Hongkong we also acknowledge the fact that the banks must be delaying funding and no further question was put forward to Mr Jones.

Then on 5th January on a Saturday morning about 10am SG time I got a Skype call from Mr Jones and he was announcing full of pride over the phone that he is coming over with his entourage of customers and business associates along with his family. According to him they have already booked flights to arrive Singapore on the 12th of January. In his own words ” You are going to receive your commission very soon.”

I was like WOW that does sound very promising and since he is coming it is probably FUNDING  time.  Both my clients and I are looking forward to his arrival.

Then came 11th January 2015 and we have news from Maria that he is admitted in the hospital due to high fever which showed no signs of subsiding. News like this crushed the hopes of many of my clients and including me. At this point of time of course it did not occur to us that he might not be what he seems to be. As we really only got connected with him during his Hongkong and Singapore trip. We remained hopeful  (what idiots, but the fact he was a pastor made us keep our faith in him).

No doubts about him at this point of time then. We all just wished him speedy recovery and hope that he would arrive soon to fulfill his promise of funding. God speed, Mr Jones.

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