21st November 2014 (Yet more messages)

By now it was already 21st November, 3 weeks after he left. The promises he made to my client was funding in 3 weeks. Yet there was clearly still no funds at sight and that frustrate many of us, including me.

JPM (JP Morgan) is on auto pilot now. XXXX can receive MT760 but then we may need to redirect it to another bank to use it / draw down/ borrow against it/ as XXXX have no lines with Alfa Dated 21st November 2014 8.43pm. Ping An and HSBC is happening soon – blah blah blah blah!

It was very clear that the banks here, although they are able to receive it, but there was no way that the funds can be drawn down. They need lines to these banks from the wierd and wonderful countries!  JPM which was supposed to be here and that according to him is his own money from his other investments. Total of USD5M was never here. Till today and now is already 19th June 2015. And that according to him was because the banks have tons of KYC which they require to do to clear the funds before sending them over to Singapore. And this auto-pilot have been for like the past 6 months so what auto-pilot is he talking about? Did the pilot die???  Which makes me wonder as well and it also occur to us that he might not really have funds.

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