Is he really a FUNDER ?

The frustrating thing about this whole thing is that he is a Pastor. And a Pastor by far should never lie. Throughout the journey my clients have been communicating with him almost on a daily basis. Sending him all the necessary documents to his legal counsel Oscar also, and his so called “construction managers”.

As for his legal and his construction team we heard of it but never seen them so cannot vouch if they are actually real. And secondly, the whole team which was supposed to be here with him didn’t appear. Those contracts which he promised my clients never came as well from his lawyers. Escrow which was also promised did not surface. As a matter of fact none of these surface. Creating more suspicion towards him I suppose.

Again I repeat myself for a Pastor who calls himself a Funder and constantly changing his words, puts you on the nerve as nothing that he said seems to gel or tally up. For there is too much changes in his words that have created so much suspicion on what he actually said is true. Because as far as I am concern nothing matches up.

The one big flaw in all his business dealings, whatever MOU that was signed was not enforceable. And that makes many people question his motives.

As the saga continues I have personally spoken to many PEs and VCs and all of them funds with cash. Provided the company is sound with a superb product. Many of these people are chasing after the next Amazon and the next Google. After sounding them out the time-line to fund a business is usually between 3- 6 months and nothing too long. Anything too long might eventually prove to be too dodgy and illegitimate.

As I am writing all these, everything is still unraveling itself and it seems to be more than meets the eye. There is a Chinese saying that ” Paper can never wrap fire” and all truth will soon come to light.

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