Days following after Mr James Jones left

These are the interesting parts and it all happened after he have made his way back to Chile – Santiago. From here onwards there are many many exchanges of emails and whatapps messages that he is near to financing my clients. He will consistently without fail get in touch with all my clients and update them of the progress of financing (XXX SBLC is in process, XX SBLC is done, funds at Ping Ann Bank, at JP Morgan etc). Which also includes getting the contracts done by Oscar Mersan. A lawyer from Paraguay which he claims works closely with The World Bank (or is on the World Bank panel of lawyers??). As for World Bank it is to everyone’s knowledge that they assist poor countries and not to help in transactions like these. The first whatapps messages begin as early as 7th October 2014 and today is 18th of June 2015 and still no funding at sight. And these are few of the interesting messages and the first one that was supposed to be cashed was an SBLC from Alfa bank

Need also the bank contact info where the MT 760 can be delivered quickly. He also asked would your banker prefer this to be delivered from Russia or Belarus. Conversation dated : 18th November 2014 6.51pm

This caught my mine attention pretty quickly. Russia is a country under sanction and I am pretty certain that if any instruments were to come from there cannot be monetized. Secondly, the amount was huge at 250M for Bank Guarantee. Pretty sure that no Singapore banks would accept it especially if it came from a dubious source and a dodgy provider. The clients told him this constantly in front of many people but he insisted it was kosher (hmm, ok – then why didnt it happen, Mr Jones??)

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