1st November (Singapore)

I remember this very vividly for the fact that I travelled back with him to Singapore. The time we landed in Singapore was a late 1130pm. And this time is to fulfill the due diligence that he requires like site visit for my clients back home here in Singapore. He was housed in a fairly decent hotel at Hotel Jen (reluctantly paid for by the cash-starved clients) and we brought him out for a nice seafood supper at newton circus. Mr James Jones was awed by the seafood that was served here and he was furiously in love with the pepper crabs and pepper prawns here at the Newton Hawker Center. His next 3 days here seems pretty normal and nothing too unusual. Mainly because he got his own living expenses and did not try to live on us (except that clients paid for his meals and drove him everywhere). Because to be called a FUNDER which is a pretty big word. You must have at least some money. A FUNDER with no funds cannot be called a FUNDER. It just doesn’t make sense. For the additional days which he was here, it was nothing but meetings with my clients. And his promised to fund seems promising at that point of time. When everything was over, he went back to Chile leaving Singapore on the 7th of November.

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