This is what he have personally posted it up on Linkedin.

General Manager

Aleph Trading Group SpA & Aleph Trading Group Pte. Ltd.

June 2014 – Present (1 year 1 month)Las Condes, Santiago, Chile & Sultan Plaza, Singapore

Funding,Seeking Investment Opportunities for passive income cashflow for company’s current pension fund assets. Strategic Alliances and Equity Share options are feasible. Goal for 2015 to move into South East Asian market of projects for funding. With a reasonable size portfolio, ATG will be transforming into an international holding group and placing major emphasis on projects in South America, Carribean and South East Asia region. 2015-2016 ATG along with our new Singapore company shall be looking into China as well as Malaysian markets.

It will be the duty of Mr. Jones to screen and review that all projects targeted will represent minimal risk and moderate returns on funds invested.

As of April 2015 Aleph Trading Group Pte. Ltd. has been officially formed and is positioning itself for more commodity trade and investments. We have been blessed with favorable collateral instruments for monetization and commercialization purposes. Our first steps to a global market. (Take note of his linkedin)

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