Scammers ? And what are they ?

This is a personal story of mine. Which I am writing to remind people not to be so easily fooled especially in the world of finance. It all started in November 2014, this person by the name of James Jones (full name James Colville Jones) has pretended to be an International Funder. Seeking investing opportunities overseas. And this happens to be in ASIA. However, the first time that i met up with him was in HongKong. Which he claimed that his passport is full and won’t be able to insert a visa for China which takes up 2 pages of his passport. And thus the meeting was done in HongKong instead. When we met him in Hongkong, he frequently mentioned that he would require to move his funds out of the US and Chile (or keep the funds out of these countries as they have tax treaties) to ‘evade’ tax and invest it into Asia instead. Which is going to be tax free for him. At this point of time everything about him seems usual except for proper tax avoidance. Although my clients paid for his travel but he does not require us to pay for his other expenses. Which seems reasonable on our end. And as we all know deals like this do require some kind of due diligence. This is his linkedin page which he poses himself as a funder and his email

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