And the Adventure Continues in HongKong

Yes HongKong we are still there. Mr James Jones has asked to meet up with me and my clients. Which we did – meetings in the next 2-3 days. And decided that these are the terms which we are agreeable to before funding. Amazingly, it only took him 3 days to come out with the MOU and the passport copy given to us belongs to his wife. Maria De Castillo who is suppose to be the one in charge of all HIS finances and funding. Why ? Because she is not an American and holds a Dominica Republic Passport instead which also means that she is not taxable. Good story though I supposed for anyone who is out to scam anyone. However, there was a slight hiccup in the MOU and my clients required a change. And there Mr James Jones asked for an underwriting fee of USD3900. Which he claims that lawyers do not work for free and he needs to pay them a fee to change the terms of the MOU. An MOU is non-binding – any self-respecting proper funder can cobble one in an hour!!  One thing which doesn’t click is that he always requests my clients to pay for his Round Trip. And he will not travel if its only a one way ticket. And this seems really fishy. Possible that he is afraid that he is a con and people does not allow him to return to his own country. And more suspicious he does not own a property in Chile. So there is no permanent residence. But we are all aware that legally he is using is his WIFE. Maria De Castillo’s name.

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